Wisconsin Bankers Foundation

Financial Education Awards

2022–2023 Excellence in Financial Education Summary Forms

This year’s summary forms are designed to be submitted as you participate in financial education-related programs, events, and activities!

2021 Financial Literacy Banker of the Year and Banker Award Winners

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation commends banks and bankers for carrying out a long-standing industry commitment to improving financial literacy. Make your efforts known by submitting the presentation forms!

This year, please submit the summary forms below reflecting both individual AND bank-wide efforts that occurred June 1, 2022–May 31, 2023 to improve financial education in your communities.

Reminder: The bank-wide submission form can only be submitted ONCE! Please only submit the form once all your bank’s total activities from June 1, 2022–May 31, 2023 have concluded.

What’s the difference

Bank-wide Submission Form

Recognizes WBA-member banks’ valuable contribution to improving financial education in Wisconsin. Honors bank volunteers and raises awareness of each bank’s total financial education efforts in the communities they serve.

Needs to be submitted only ONCE.

Qualifying banks — those that demonstrate at least three (3) of the criteria outlined on the form — receive WBF’s Bank Award.

One bank, chosen for it’s innovative approach to financial education and completion of final section of the Bank-wide form, is awarded the prestigious Financial Education Innovation Award.

Individual Submission Form

The individual presentation form is intended to capture ONE event or presentation — if multiple bankers were co-presenters, please identify them all on one form. As a result, please submit as many separate response forms as needed to ensure each banker and event is recognized.

Submits application for:

  • Financial Literacy Banker of the Year Award
  • Financial Literacy Banker Award
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Certificate of Recognition

2021–2022 Excellence in Financial Education

Summary Forms

Bank-wide and individual summary forms reflecting events from June 1, 2021—May 31, 2022 are NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED.

2021–2022 Award Recipients

The winning bank of the 2022 Financial Innovation Award will be announced February 2023 at WBA’s Bank Executives Conference.