Wisconsin Bankers Foundation

Financial Education


As part of the Foundation’s mission to support financial capability for individuals throughout Wisconsin, the WBF has curated resources and established an annual reading kit — the WBF Reading Raises Interest kit — to engage people of every age in financial education.

Reading Raises Interest Kits

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation annually offers free kits at the request of every WBA-member bank.

Financial Education

A range of free financial literacy lessons targeted at K–12 children, college students, business owners, older adults, and everyone in between!


The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation commends banks and bankers for carrying out a long-standing industry commitment to improving financial literacy. Make your efforts known by submitting the presentation forms!

Did you or someone at your back host a financial education presentation between June 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024? Begin tracking those events with WBF now!

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