Wisconsin Bankers Foundation

Financial Education

WBF offers resources to educators and public about consumer decisions, financial literacy, and responsibility.

Excellence in Financial Education

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation commends banks and bankers for carrying out a long-standing industry commitment to improving financial literacy. Make your efforts known by submitting the presentation forms!

Submitting this data helps the Wisconsin Bankers Association and the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation track and celebrate your efforts to promote financial literacy in your community.

Teach Children to Save Day & Reading Raises Interest Kits

National Teach Children to Save Day (TCTS) was established to spotlight the importance of teaching our nation’s youth about saving money. This event occurs every April when bankers make presentations to students in grades K–12 about budgeting, saving, recognizing needs and wants, and how interest makes money grow.

Additional Financial Education Resources

The WBF has compiled a list of resources for bankers use in connecting with their communities. These resources, provided for free through WBA membership, allow bankers to connect and provide engaging financial lessons not only to their youngest community members, but to school- and college-aged students and adults of every age.

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