A 2009 National Endowment for Education survey showed that 44 states have adopted personal finance education standards; however, only 37% of K-12 teachers have taken even one college personal finance course.

WBF will offer educational classes and seminars to educators and public about consumer decisions and financial literacy training through direct offerings.  WBF partners with the Wisconsin Bankers Association on an annual basis to offer a Conference that provides educational programs and events that generate positive earned media for volunteers who have participated in financial literacy programs in Wisconsin.

 Financial Literacy Training – Educational Event

These offerings, widely considered “train the trainer” events, offers members of the public and the banking industry a training opportunity to help them in their work promoting financial literacy within their communities and with their customers

  • Financial Literacy Presentation Resources
    WBF, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Bankers Association Literacy Advisory Board, will present six different ideas for consumer education programs.  These programs are able to be customized depending on the audience and are suitable for a wide range of ages and presentation topics.
  • How to Organize a Reality Challenge Event
    Often called a “reality fair” or “reality challenge,” these half-day or full-day events allow participants to experience the real-life challenges of money management.  This workshop includes curriculum options for the participants, tips for consumers to utilize low-cost online and mobile banking options, and a checklist of what educators will need to hold a Reality Challenge in their community.

Reading Raises Interest Program

WBF administers the National Teach Children to Save Day program from the American Bankers Association Education Foundation and Take Charge America on an annual basis within the state of Wisconsin through a Reading Raises Interest program.  Reading Raises Interest encourages bank volunteers, teachers, library staff and parents to use books as a fun, engaging way to introduce children to money management skills. In the course of the program, WBF compiles a list of elementary-level, online lesson plans for children’s books.

Through this program, WBF:

  • Identifies volunteers from Wisconsin banking industry and the general public
  • Creates and mails kits to volunteers (Kit includes: a children’s book, summary, lesson plans, tips, materials list, FAQs)
  • Generates earned media
  • Tracks data on programs on an annual basis

Prior to the formation of the Organization, the Reading Raises Interest Program was administered by the Wisconsin Bankers Association.